My child is about to get on a bike and ride it 4,000 miles across the United States for cancer…

My child is about to lace up their shoelaces and run in a 4,000 mile relay across the United States for cancer…

These statements may sound crazy but this IS really happening! Your child is getting ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Don’t worry – the hosts will all be set, routes triple-checked, safety procedures in place, and you will be able to sit back and watch their adventure unfold. Don’t believe me? Read on for some unedited comments from 4K 2018 parents!

From your perspective, how did the 4K for Cancer experience impact or change your child/loved one?

  • The confidence gained from completing a summer on the road -one spent focusing on others & depending on others, will be a strength our daughter will carry with her wherever she goes.
  • It has made our son more passionate about helping others, helped him mature and become a leader, and made him more flexible, able to deal with people and problems. 4k has changed his life.
  • Increased her appreciation for her good health and strengthened her resolve to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • It was an incredibly positive experience! He has gained incredible empathy and purpose in his life and he has gained new family!
  • She has a deep understanding of sacrifice and team spirit.
  • Gave her more insight into the world, broadened her knowledge, confidence in herself in traveling, great group of teammates, purpose to share the message of 4K for cancer
  • I think it was life-changing in that it allowed her to understand how much she was capable of doing and, of course, she also met 20 amazing friends and so many kind and generous people along the way. She got to see the best of America during a time of so much division in our country.
  • Our son learned a lot about himself and his ability to work with a team.
  • (It has made my child) more mature – believes in the kindness/goodness of people in general – made life long friends.
  • The 4K for Cancer ride was an amazing experience for my daughter. The confidence she gained by achieving such a challenging goal and the bonds she made with the team will be with her for the rest of her life.
  • She was doing something that is bigger than her. It made her appreciate the little things in life. She had the time of her life with a great group of cyclists who pushed each other to raise money for cancer
  • A stronger more confident person emerged.

What was your favorite part of this experience as a parent/loved one?

  • Seeing my son’s passion for helping others – and doing something about it
  • The arrival was wonderful! Very touching watching Team Boston run their final run after running all the way across the country!
  • Hosting the team for dinner
  • Hearing about their travels and seeing the team bond over time in the pictures
  • Seeing our daughter accomplish something we doubted was possible. She has renewed confidence and determination that will serve her well.
  • Knowing that she (our daughter) was doing something so rewarding that she loved, while raising funds and awareness for cancer with like minded amazing people
  • Meeting at an overnight location during run and meeting other runners. Seeing the team interact with patients at chemotherapy places. Helping pack chemo care bags.
  • Being in touch with our daughter each day and hearing about each experience along the way. Also, seeing how she grew from the experience into a more empathetic person.
  • Traveling out to Oregon to meet with our son and the rest of the team.
  • The arrival celebration
  • The pictures and experiences my daughter posted on her Facebook page. Of course greeting her in Portland and knowing she was safe was the most important.
  • Watching the kids go. Working together and watching out for one another. Also the amazing pics throughout the ride.
  • Following along on this journey. I miss it.

Check out our FAQs for more details on the logistics of the 4K for Cancer. Thank you for supporting your 4K participant, they need and love you, even if they forget to blog now and then!

-Becca Eddy, 4K Program Coordinator