Our Motto

Over the years the 4K has developed its own motto to capture the essence of each journey: “Cycle. Inspire. Unite” and “Run. Inspire. Unite”. The two sum up the 4K for Cancer, focusing in on the three key elements that make up our program.

Cycle / Run

Our riders and runners have chosen to dedicate their summers to cycling and running from coast to coast, over 4,000 miles. This dedication does not come without its challenges. Riders tackle 50-120 miles per day, while runners cover 10-16 miles per day. Our participants ensure these miles count by dedicating them to others impacted by cancer and writing the dedications on the back of their legs, to draw strength from daily.


Our riders and runners will spend an entire summer, cycling and running many miles each day in an effort to inspire hope to those impacted by cancer. We use these experiences to draw upon the parallels between our journey and the journey people face in the fight against cancer.  Although our riders and runners begin their journeys dedicating their efforts to friends and family members who have been affected by cancer – that dedication naturally spreads to include the people whose stories we hear and the communities we support as we travel across the country.

We believe that our journey can foster hope in people and communities as they battle cancer.  If we are able to inspire them and lift them up just a little bit – then every mile of our journey was worth the effort.


Our goal is to unite communities across the country in the fight against cancer.  We accomplish this by contributing to the fight against cancer in each community we travel through.

Along the way churches, community groups, schools,and families host our participants.  They give us a place to sleep for the night.  They give us a forum for our nightly presentations.  They recruit volunteers to provide us with dinner each night and breakfast the next morning.  Local stores and restaurants provide snack and lunch donations.

And in return, we perform community service at hospitals and cancer centers.  We visit with cancer patients and cancer survivors.  We deliver chemo care bags, participate in community dinners, and hand deliver scholarships to young adults who have faced a cancer diagnosis.

We also become united through our stories. Every morning teams have a dedication circle before they leave participants will join in a circle holding hands and dedicate their miles that day to someone who has been affected by cancer. Hosts and members of the community are always welcome to join and share their connection with the team.

Over the past sixteen years, we have developed strong relationships with our host communities.  They have watched us grow as an organization and we have supported them in their fight against cancer. We are united in the fight against cancer and united in the mission of ensuring no one faces it alone.