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In an effort to use the money raised to directly support young adult cancer patients, our teams rely on donated accommodations and food throughout their journeys. Without the generous support of our hosts these journeys would not be possible. By hosting and feeding our participants you are directly helping young adults fight cancer, and motivating our participants to make sure every mile matters.

Hosting FAQ

Where can the team stay?
  • We are looking for a host that is able to accommodate up to 30 cyclists or runners.
  • Each participant has a sleeping bag and pad, so they only need floor space.
  • Often times our participants are hosted by churches, schools, or gyms. We have also had hosts offer to let participants stay in their homes. The team can be split up among multiple houses and shuttled back to a central location to depart in the morning.
When can we expect a team to arrive?
  • When a team arrives at a host will vary from day to day depending on the terrain, weather, and mileage.
  • The team’s leg leaders will be responsible for contacting you periodically (cell reception permitting) to let you know how close they are and to give an ETA.
  • Hosts can expect a support van to show up prior to the riders/runners as we always have one van responsible for transporting our participant’s gear from one host to the next. These van drivers are also responsible for calling the hosts to make sure they don’t arrive at an inconvenient time.
Do the riders or runners need showers?
  • Showers are not an absolute necessity for our participants, but they sure do help morale. 
  • If your facility does not have showers, we would appreciate if you could suggest a place that may provide them. For example, if you have a contact at the local YMCA or gym that would be helpful for the team.


Do we need to feed the team?
  • While it is not a requirement to feed the teams, it is always greatly appreciated. Hosts will usually provide dinner and breakfast for the team.
  • The team’s leg leader will give you a list of any dietary restrictions the team members may have. For some ideas about what to feed the team, check out our meal guide. 
  • Breakfast is served early, usually around 5 or 6:30 a.m., so the team can get on the road early. We invite hosts to join us for our dedication circle in the morning. Each day participants dedicate their mileage to someone affected by cancer, we love for hosts to join us, and allow us to dedicate our days to someone they know battling cancer.

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Interested in hosting a team? Get in touch!

If you are interested in working together, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!