What a week!! Yesterday, we hit 5959.52 miles covered, woohoo! This Sunday the team would have rolled into St. Louis, MO home of the very first ice cream cone! St. Louis was also formerly known as the largest shoe-manufacturing center in the world. Next stop is Manhattan. KS. 
Riding Update: Emmit Varitimos is leading the teams total summer mileage with over 526 miles logged! Way to get after it! Emmit also rounded out the week with 160.5 miles!! Grayson Obey also coming in hot with 120 miles on the week and a 62 mile ride under his belt. What a boss. 
Nicole Turner is not far behind with one of our highest summer mileage totals with  427 miles to date. Yass Queen!! Not to mention she rounded out the week third on the leaderboard with 109 miles for the week. Keep up the great riding! 
Also a huge shoutout to Ryan McAvoy and Kim Oppenheim in logging just over 80 miles for the week. Woot woot!! Ryan had another week of hard climbing as he raked in over 6,700 feet of elevation gain. Someone is going to have legs of steel before the summer is over. 
We are so proud of all our rides for crushing your summer miles. We know how hard it can be to ride solo but y’all are really getting after it and it’s exciting to see!