Another week of the 4K down and our cyclists have completed 3,636 miles thus far! It’s been inspiring to see all of our participants tackle the hills and headwinds everyday. Below are a few updates on what the cyclists have been up to:

Nicole Turner cranked out 188 miles this past week while also crushing  70 miles in one day. Emmitt Varitimos wasn’t too far behind with a total of 163 miles last week. Liz Huninghake ended the week with a total of 147 miles and logged a century ride on Saturday for LiveLikeJamie Day! Lynsey Ilhi crushed a 75 mile ride on Saturday like a total boss while Ryan McAvoy joined Nicole Turner for a very hilly/ mountainous 70 mile ride logging over 8,000 feet of climbing. We’re sure they were feeling the burn this week. Congrats to everyone on an incredible weekend of riding and for sharing dedication photos!

On June 13 our cyclists rode in memory of Jamie Roberts. Jamie was a 4K participant in 2014 on Team Portland. She unfortunately passed away during the 4K and every June 13 since then has been remembered as LiveLikeJamie Day. Jamie had an enthusiastic and larger-than-life personality. Whether they logged 10 miles or 100 miles, we’re proud of all of our 4K participants who took time to show how they #LiveLikeJamie. 

This Sunday, June 21 will kick off our 4K for Cancer Runners! Send-Off will be at 12pm EST on Facebook Live. We’re excited to have our runners hit the road and start logging their miles! Many many days of running lie ahead of our runners who will at some points will be near 70 miles a week running! Stay tuned for more updates on our 4K participants!