Social media is great for sharing your story, educating about the cause, and getting others engaged. The goal is to get people to want to be involved, and donate, with or without being asked! Consider using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest or starting a blog. Here are some tips for using social media to build relationships that can lead to fundraising successes.

1.)  Share your reasons for participating through stories or a video

2.)  Educate about the organization & cause – repost Ulman and 4K posts

3.)  Cultivate interest without asking for donations (only do so in 3/10 posts): Share about training and        fundraising successes, ask for opinions/advice, try to spark discussions

4.)  Include an eye-catching photo or video

5.)  Tag people and include hashtags to attract a larger audience

6.)  Follow up likes with a personal message, email, or letter “I saw you liked my posted about 4K, let me tell you a little bit more about what I’m doing and why…”

7.)  Create FB events where you can meet face-to-face like pancake breakfasts, pasta dinners, or group runs/rides

8.)  Be direct when asking for donations and suggest specific amounts – make sure to include your fundraising link (in every post – asking or not so people don’t have to dig around to donate)

9.)  Consider giving something back – offer to write a poem, song, rap, or make a short personalized video dedicated to each donor

10.) Thank your donors on social media, include a photo, then follow up with a handwritten note

 -Becca Eddy, 4K for Cancer Program Coordinator