As you start to amp up your training in preparation for the summer – amp up your fundraising as well! Here we have outlined some new, fun ideas for spring fundraising:

1. St. Patty’s Day Fundraiser: Use the holiday to plan some creative fundraisers! Host an event or table on campus and include some of these fun ideas: March FUNdraising Ideas

2. Jump into Spring! Plan a kickball or Wiffle ball tournament, where teams and individuals can sign up by paying a participant fee (for example, $5 for individuals and $20 per team of 5) that will go directly to your fundraiser! Create a Facebook event with the details and a contact for them to sign up. You can make a bracket, so all of your teams can compete for a prize (or just bragging rights!). Encourage them to get creative with a team name, team color, etc. Add a barbecue, with a suggested donation per food item (hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.) and enjoy the nice weather while spreading the word about your upcoming 4K adventure!

3. March Madness (March 14-April 3)

    1. Google image “Blank March Madness Bracket”
    2. Reach out to all of your friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, acquaintances and let them know that you’re doing a March Madness tourney!
    3. Once the brackets are finalized have each of your participants make their picks then print out their bracket and return a copy to you. You can have blank brackets ready in advance for when you meet up with someone.
    4. Choosing your bracket can take 2 minutes or for some can take an hour. It can be helpful to set up a table somewhere with a designated time that you’ll be collecting brackets. Make sure they list their email, name, and phone number!
    5. Have each person pay a donation entry fee ($1, $2, $5) and decide your prize (cooking dinner for them, taking them out to dinner, get gift cards donated, t-shirts)
    6. Scoring system: each correctly picked team receives 1 point in round one, 2 in round two, 4 in round three, 8 in round four, 16 in round five, 32 in round six
    7. At the end of the tournament tally up the total number of points and let everyone know your winner! 

4. Training Dedications: Post videos and photos of you biking/or running and dedicate that training ride/run to someone by writing their name on your leg. Ask friends and family for dedications and be sure to tag them on Facebook with a video or photo of you training! Add a comment about the person or how the training went, and include your fundraising link.

5. Host a Bake Off – Bake Sale: Host a bake off, where participants pay a fee to enter, are given certain parameters (ex. Make only chocolate chip cookies or only cupcakes) and have participants compete to create the best product. Once participants have made their treats, host a bake sale with taste testing, where customers can taste the products and buy the one item they like best! Set the price at a certain rate for number of treats, and set out a suggested donation amount that is slightly higher than the price of treats. This way, you can drive some extra donations from those who are willing to donate to your cause, while also gaining some sweet treats! Create a Facebook event to share, and table on campus or at your local coffee shop, with information about you 4K journey – so customers know what the contribution benefits!