DECEMBER 18, 2018 — The Ulman Foundation and Jamis Bicycles announced their continued partnership benefiting Ulman’s annual 4K for Cancer program.

Jamis will continue to equip participants with road bicycles, as well as provide training and mechanical support during a 3-day, pre-ride orientation. Leading up to next summer’s journey, 90 riders will raise funds for young adults impacted by cancer; while, training to ride from coast-to-coast on their 70 day, 4,000+ mile journey.

Last year, the 4K for Cancer program raised more than $900,000, and had multiple young adult cancer survivors participate. One of the riders, Sonali Verma shared, “4K for cancer was the first time I met people my age dealing with cancer, and it provided me with a support community I didn’t know I needed.”

“We’re proud to continue our support to 4K for Cancer,” said Carine Joannou, president of Jamis Bikes. “The dedication and professionalism of the team at the Ulman Foundation inspire all of us here at Jamis Bikes and it’s our honor to provide the bicycles and tech support they need to help achieve their mission.”

“Safe and reliable bicycles are critical to this cross-country journey,” said Brian Satola, Ulman Chief Operating Officer. “This partnership proves key to the success of 4K for Cancer and we are excited to partner with a organization that understands the importance of our cause.”