This holiday season is a great time to share your summer plans with family & friends! Writing a letter (and sneaking it into your parent’s holidays cards) is an easy way to reach more potential donors. 

Step 1 – Draft a letter. Check out the Fundraising Guide for some examples! The most important piece to share is WHY you’re riding or running with the 4K this summer. What is your motivation?
Step 2 – Include your fundraising link and a picture.
Step 3 – Mail or email your letter to a list of 100 people. 1 in 4 emails usually results in a donation! If your family already sends out holiday cards, this is a great opportunity to slip your letter inside.
Step 4  – Follow-up! Some people will donate right away, some people will need a couple of reminders. Don’t be shy about following up with another email and your fundraising link, letting everyone know there is still time to donate.
Step 5 – Say Thank You! Don’t forget to thank your donors for supporting your journey and the fight against young adult cancer!
Letter Example
Dear Stephen,
This summer I will be embarking on a 4,000+ mile cross-country ride from Baltimore, MD to Seattle, WA. I will be doing this through the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adult’s 4K for Cancer program. This journey aligns with my urge to no longer feel helpless against a disease that affects so many people. My aunt was diagnosed with cancer last year, and this journey will be inspired by her continued fight and grace when faced with cancer.
I’m reaching out to you to support my cross-country ride and The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults (UCF) mission. UCF provides direct support services to young adult cancer patients and their families, through patient navigation, scholarships, fertility preservation, and more. I have been challenged to raise $4,500 – a dollar for every mile – to continue the pursuit that no young adult faces cancer alone. I hope that you will be able to support me and my journey by donating at [insert fundraising page link].
I also ask that you pass this letter to anyone whom you feel may be interested in aiding my fundraising efforts. Donations can be online, this link above, or via check sent to: The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, ATTN: 4K for Cancer 1215 E Fort Ave, Ste 104 Baltimore, MD 21230.
I truly appreciate and thank you for your support in advance.