Who doesn’t like donuts? Nate Williams of Team San Diego 2017 found a way to make a classic treat into a fundraising opportunity! 

What was your fundraiser?
I kicked off my fundraising efforts with a Krispy Kreme fundraiser at the University of Kentucky College of Fine Arts. I had 10 dozen donuts and sold each one for a minimum of $1.00. During the fundraiser, I had a trifold board with information regarding 4K for Cancer and the UCF.
If you could do it again, would you change anything?
Although I had a trifold with a lot of 4K information, I would probably have a laptop or tablet playing a YouTube video from previous rides to allow people to see what exactly I will be doing this summer. There are several great videos from previous rides that are a great representation of the organization.
How long did it take to plan?
Since 4K is a not student organization of the University of Kentucky, the process took a little longer than normal. First, I had to get a department within the College of Fine arts to “sponsor” a table so I could fundraise on its property. The process for that included me going to the Director of Arts Administration asking for her support, then contacting the University of Kentucky Event Planning director to set up a table request. Once the request was approved, I contacted Krispy Kreme informing them of the date and time of the event. Finally, I hosted the event and raised the funds!
How did you advertise it and how many people showed up?
Word of mouth is always the best way to advertise for something on a college campus. But I also created a Facebook event as well as an Instagram photo marketing the event.
Were you able to get things donated?
Typically, Krispy Kreme requires organizations to purchase 25 dozen donuts for a discounted price and then the organization gets to keep the profits. However, I didn’t feel comfortable spending that much money on 25 dozen donuts, especially since I wasn’t sure if I could sell them all. With that said, through the power of negotiating, Krispy Kreme and I came to the agreement that they’ll donate 10 dozen donuts free of charge and I can keep all of the profits.
How did you make the money? 
I sold the 10 dozen donuts for $1 each. With that said, several people donated more than just the minimum $1 and even donated to the program without receiving a donut. Due to the fact that people don’t carry cash that often anymore, I also decided to purchase a Square Card reader so I could accept credit cards. I’m glad I did because 45% of my sales that day were on card!
Additional helpful tips to others looking to do something similar?
Know who your target audience is, figure out what they like, and go above and beyond with the marketing. Since I know college students like donuts, this was a great way to create a buzz for the program and fundraiser. Also, since I’m a student in the College of Fine Arts, I could approach my friends, colleagues, and professors more easily without worrying about rejection.