The holiday season is a great time to vamp up your fundraising efforts. With everyone feeling the spirit of giving, its the perfect time to share with your family & friends the cause your supporting. Whether its taking a moment to share on social media or spreading some extra holiday cheer, every little action can make a difference. 

So go ahead, take a tip (or two) and see the donations start coming through.


1. Donate your holiday – ask for donations instead of presents.

2. Write a fundraising letter and include it in your family’s holiday card – this is a big part of your life right now and your family & friends would want to hear about it!

3. Host a holiday party – maybe even an ugly sweater party? Charge a cover to attend.

4.  Go Christmas Caroling – and bring a tip jar!

5. Dress up as Santa – and charge for photos!

6. Pet Picture Time – offer to take photos of pets with a winter or holiday-themed backdrop.

7. Sell Candy Grams – For a small fee deliver candy canes with notes to the person to their choosing.

8. Cookie delivery – offer people to pre-order cookies then spend a day baking & delivering to them.

9. Airbnb a guest room – or ask your parents to Airbnb their guest room & have the proceeds go to 4K.

10. Holiday Cards – Design, make, and sell personalized holiday cards.

11. Get Crafty – Sell bracelets, stickers, homemade crafts, artwork, holiday wreaths, ornaments or buttons as gifts.

12. Have a Gift Wrapping Station – on campus, church, or at a local store (with permission of course) and put out a tip jar.

13. Sell Hot Cocoa or Apple Cider – ask to sell on campus, at a sporting event, Jingle Bell Run or at a local tree farm.

14. Guess the candy! – have people pay $1 to guess the amount of candy in a jar, winner gets a prize… maybe the jar of candy?


15. Holiday Babysitting Night- grab a bunch of friends and host a babysitting night at a church or community center (YMCA, etc). Charge $20 for one kid and $5 for each additional. Have a night of movies, pizza and snacks while parents go shopping, wrap presents or have a night to themselves. 



Interested in using these ideas? Find a printable version here: Holiday Fundraising for 4K Have fun and happy fundraising!

-Becca Eddy, 4K Program Coordinator