Days of Dedication

Share your story with the 4K for Cancer teams and have a day this summer dedicated to you or a loved one! Share My Story

Days of Dedication was created by the Ulman staff as a way to connect the young adult cancer community and our 4K participants, while they are out on the road. Survivors, survivors’ family members, and family members of those who passed away are invited to share their story with our 4K teams, and, in return, become an honorary teammate for our 4K for Cancer teams. 

Our hope is that this will inspire our 4K teams to move forward each day of their journey and feel a deeper connection to the young adult cancer cause.

How does Days of Dedication work?

It’s easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Write and submit your story using the button below
  2. Submit a photo that you want to share with the team – something that defines who you are or your journey!
  3. Wait to receive photos and postcards throughout the summer.

Once you submit your story, a 4K staff member will be in touch with next step information.

How will my story be shared?

As our 4K for Cancer teams embark across the country they will read your story before they start riding or running for the day, during their dedication circles. Each team will then dedicate their miles, write names of those they’re dedicating their miles to on their legs, and write a postcard to you or your loved one.

How can I be more involved?

After you submit your story, there are additional opportunities to be more involved with the program.

  1. Write Postcards to 4K Team – You can sign up to receive blank postcards if you wish to send words of encouragement or small notes to the teams throughout their journey.
  2. Share your story with Ulman volunteers – Continue to make an impact beyond the summer by opting to share your story with Ulman volunteers. They will also periodically send postcards to you as well.
Will my story stay within the 4K teams?

This is completely up to you! When filling out the form, you can opt for your story to NOT be shared beyond the 4K community. You also have the option to continue sharing your story with other Ulman volunteers or not.