Welcome 4K for Cancer alumni! Please use this page as a resource for updated information on the program and opportunities to stay involved with Ulman.

Alumni Giving Campaign

Donate today to help our 4K for Cancer Alumni reach their goal of $4,500 to help support the current 4K for Cancer crew. We have close to 1000, so we are sure through them and their connections we can blow this goal out of the water!


Help continue the 4K legacy by recruiting family & friends to participate in the program. Here are a few ways our alumni can help spread the word:


  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, oh my!
    • Post your 4K photos and videos, or share the 4K’s posts to show others why we fight!
  • Become a Campus Ambassador!
    • The CA position allows 4K alumni, who are still on campus to actively recruit for 4K. CAs get paid $50 if they refer someone to register. Interested? Contact Jen Antonelli at

Become a Mentor for a future runner or rider with the 4K for Cancer! Mentors are asked to communicate regularly with their assigned mentee and help prepare them for their 4K journey. Mentors should be prepared to advise their mentees on fundraising, training, leadership, and gear.

Ready to get started?


Each year the Ulman staff depends on the dedication of volunteers to send-off a new generation of 4K participants. We often seek volunteers for the following:

  • Training Ride(s)
  • Jersey Sorting
  • Ride Orientation
    • Orientation set-up and greeting
    • Bike racking
    • Bike mechanics
  • Ride Send-Off Dinner
    • Set-up and greeting
    • Activity stations (photobooth, mail drops, etc)
    • Merchandise sales
    • Clean-up and breakdown
  • Run Send-Off Dinner
    • Set-up and greeting
    • Activity stations¬†(photobooth, mail drops, etc)

We will post volunteer sign-ups for these opportunities as they become available.

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