The 4K for Cancer is a program of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing lives by supporting, educating and connecting young adults, and their loved ones, affected by cancer.  Since 2001, groups of college students have undertaken journeys across America with the goal of offering hope, inspiration and support to cancer communities along the way.

In 2013, 127 4K for Cancer participants traveled across America and were able to raise nearly $775,000 to support young adults affected by cancer.

2014 will represent the 13th year the 4K will travel across the country and brings new and exciting opportunities to the program.  We are currently accepting applications for our four bicycle rides across America and our run across America.  We are currently working on ways to further increase our fight against cancer, by expanding our program so check back frequently for updates.

The 4K is just one of the many amazing programs of the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.  Other programs include Team Fight, Young Adult Cancer Support (YACS) campus groups at select universities and colleges, and Cancer to 5K. Please visit the links above to learn more about the 4K for Cancer and other programs offered by the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

Thank you for your support in the fight against cancer.

Every Mile Matters…

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2014 4K for Cancer Participants

Below is a list of all of the 2014 4K Participants. They are listed in alphabetical order. Simply hover over their pictures to see their names.

Aaron Hoxworth Aaron Tarnasky Adam Wedekind Adrienne Rivera Alex Sivitskis Alexander Marion Alison Van Heel Allison Belli Andie Solomon Anne Katrine Harris Ariana Staffen Ashley Arnold Audrey Zahlis Bailey Quinn Brad Buchanan Brady Stroh Brianna Kline Brianne Wolf Brittany Logan Caitlyn Epps Cara Crawford Carissa McKinney Carolina Neely Casey Hartzell Cassidy Wade Chelsea Johnson Chey Hillsgrove Chris Moskal Christina Anderson Christopher Blazer Dan Johnson Dana Ballis Dana Prill Daniel Jacobs Danielle Trefz Danielle Walker Danny Mohama Devin Draper Donley Eileen McHugh Eleanore Stevens Elliot Stein Emily Bell Emily Ewing Emily Lake Emily Lipsitz Emma Rando Eric Knapp Eric Tien Erica Johnson Erika Oertle Erin Duffy Evan Gingrich Evan Sluder Haerie Pyo Haley Coleman Hannah Smith Harshini Chinnasamy Heather Willard Helen Smith Holden Cookson Ilana Selli Jackie Bailey Jackie Weiss Jamie Roberts Jaya Uppal Jeffrey Robson Jeremy Palmer Jessica King Jessica Tallant Joanna Wang Jocelyn Goldberg Joe Melillo Jovia Manzie Kaitlin O Katie Gundlach Katie Hinchen Katrina Farrell Kellsey O Kelsey Taylor Kelsi Ludwigsen Kenneth Britton Kenzie Miller Kevin Collins Kevin Roman Ki Young Kim Kirk Allen Marks Jr. Kirsten Cerbone Krista Atzinger Kristin Decker Kyle King Landis Powell Laura Grau Lauren Badalucco Lauren Margetich Lauren Martin Leanne Stuck Liliya Mironova Linnea Cripe Lisa Jennings Maelyn Divinski Margrethe Williams Mason Sutorius Matt Dexter Matt Pulaski Matthew Dyjack Max Cantlupe Max McMahon Mia Monkovic Micaela Becker Michael Grant Michaela Kornberg Michelle Boenning Michelle Johannsen Mike McDonald Mitchell William Parrish Muireann Phelan Natalie Fischer Natalie Rooney Nathalia Gibbs Patricia Martinez Patty Butler Peter Conley Rachael Callahan Rachel Defronzo Rachel Eddy Rachel Wasserman Rebecca Eddy Samantha Thompson samantha.waters Sarah Eissler Sarah Ring Shannon Spendley Shawna Kleftis Shelby Perkins Simon Villanueva Siobhan Cahill Stephanie Cario Stephanie Ferreira Stephanie Kos Sydney Zester Taylor Taylor Mulkerin Taylor Plewinski Tori Deutch Tory Haltermann Travis Goldsworthy Tyler Stocksdale Tyler Willett Victor Landreth Walt Drennan Zack Hummel