UCF Logo and Branding Policy

The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults’ logos, program names, and images are trademarked and may not be reproduced outside of the organization. We have instilled this policy so that the Ulman Cancer Fund brand is not misused or misrepresented. In place of the Ulman Cancer Fund logo, we have created an alternative “benefitting” logo for use, as long as the use abides by the guidelines listed below.

In order to utilize the benefitting logo, individuals who wish to use the logo must fill out a Request for Approval form. Once the request has been approved, UCF staff will provide the necessary logos or images.

In the past, participants have used UCF program logos, names, and images on a variety of items such as flyers, business cards, and thank you notes. In order ensure the Ulman Cancer Fund brand is being used appropriately, we ask that individuals wanting to use the Ulman Cancer Fund benefitting logo or program logos, images, or names abide by the following:

1. Individuals MUST fill out a Request for Approval form. These forms are available below.

2. Individuals MUST receive written approval by the Ulman Cancer Fund prior to developing any material that uses the program logos, name, images or benefitting logo.

3. Program logos, names, and images may NOT be reproduced on any products that will be sold or exchanged for donations. Materials that may include UCF logos include business cards, thank you cards, or flyers. However, all such materials must be submitted for approval with the Request for Approval form to be considered for consent.