Step 1:
Secure a date and location! Find a congested spot on campus, a high-trafficked area at the mall, or a place downtown during a festival. The more people who have the chance of passing your table, the better! Personalize the BMT Drive Letter when requesting access to a certain location.
Step 2:
Email your designated coordinator with your date, location, and address. Your coordinator will connect you with There Goes My Hero so we can mail you all of the required material and information to host your drive. Please contact us 2 weeks before your scheduled date so we can make sure your kit arrives in time, and to give you enough time to learn more about the importance of Bone Marrow Transplants.
Step 3: Personalize the BMT Drive Flyer so people know where and when they can get swabbed. Post the flyer around campus and on any public bulletin you can find. You should also create a public Facebook event to draw more attention to your drive.
Step 4:
Find a few friends who can help you during your drive. It may get a little hectic if multiple people want to swab at once, and you don’t want to turn anyone away. Your goal is to add 30 people to the Bone Marrow Registry!
Additional fundraising tips:
  • Create a flyer with your own personal fundraising link to encourage everyone to donate to your 4K campaign.
  • Decorate a bucket to welcome any on-site cash donations.
  • Get some 50/50 raffle tickets for an added fundraising bonus! Have a volunteer in charge of the raffle so you can focus on the drive. The great thing about a fundraising 50/50 raffle is that the winner will typically donate their winnings back to the cause.
  • Print out the 4K flyer to encourage others to join the 4K. Remember, for every person you refer who registers for 4K 2017, $100 will be taken off your fundraising minimum! You can also have a sign-up sheet to collect contact information to add to your donor database.
  • Try to find a coffee shop who will donate some coffee or doughnuts. Have a volunteer sell these items while you focus on the drive.
  • A few days before the start of the event, send personal emails and Facebook messages to remind every one of your drive. Encourage your community to help you spread the word!
  • A few hours before the start of the event, send personal text messages to remind everyone to stop by your table.

Congratulations! You are saving lives!