Holidays Are For Fundraising!

  • Donate your holiday – ask for $ instead of presents
  • Add a fundraising letter or note to your family’s holiday card
  • Host a holiday party (ugly sweaters?) and charge a cover to attend
  • Christmas carol with a tip jar
  • Dress up as Santa and charge for photos
  • Offer to take photos of pets with a winter backdrop
  • Deliver candy canes with notes for a fee (candy grams!)
  • Cookie delivery – have people pre-order then spend a day baking & delivering with friends
  • Ask your parents to Airbnb their guest room for 4K
  • Make and sell personalized holiday cards
  • Sell bracelets, stickers, homemade crafts, artwork, holiday wreaths, ornaments or buttons as gifts
  • Have a gift wrapping station on campus, church, or at Barnes & Noble and put out a tip jar
  • Ask to sell hot cocoa or apple cider on campus, at a sporting event, or at a local tree farm
  • Host a polar bear plunge and charge to participate
  • Have people pay $1 to guess the amount of candy in a jar, winner gets a prize

Want to print these ideas? Click here: Holiday Fundraising for 4K Have fun and happy fundraising!

-Becca Eddy, 4K Program Coordinator