Meet Tom Grisanti

Tom Grisanti

What is your connection with the cancer community?: Although I havebeen fortunate enough to never lose a family member to cancer, my family did go through a scare. When I was too young to appreciate the seriousness of the situation, my older brother was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a cancer that originates in the lymph nodes.  My brother survived it, but many people are not as fortunate to catch itin time. I have seen too many of my close friends go through painfullosses in their own families and felt helpless.  In looking for a way to do something to help combat this epidemic, a friend of mine who went on the ride two summers ago told me about her experiences and Irealized that it was my opportunity to help the community in a way I couldn't before.

Why are you riding with the 4K for Cancer?: On one hand, I see this asan opportunity like never before to really bring awareness and raise money for cancer research.  I never really felt like my fundraising for Relay for Life had much of an impact, and sought for something more that I could do.  On the other hand, I see it as something that could be an amazing adventure to experience.  I can't think of a better way to push myself to accomplish something so huge with a groupof people so dedicated and focused on a common goal.