Days 1-7: Baltimore, MD to Geneva, NY

June 9, 2013

I’ve been preparing for this trip for the past nine months, but I wasn’t expecting anything that has happened over the past week.  I’ve met some of the most influential people in my life, including the awesome people I’m riding with, the hosts we’ve stayed with, and all the natives of the towns we’ve rode through that have had cancer touch their lives in some way.  We’ve stayed in multiple different places so far, including churches, universities, and YMCA’s, and all have been just amazing.  They’ve all provided the essentials, while some have provided dinner, and sometimes even breakfast the next morning as we’re about to leave.  Even though I’ve slept on the floor most nights, I’ve been able to get a good night’s sleep because of the physical exhaustion I’ve endured thus far on my trip.  I started off with a relatively flat 62 miles on the first day (from Baltimore, MD to York, PA), then bumped up to a much more difficult 94 miles on the second (from York, PA to Lykens, PA).  I never thought I’d be able to bike over 300 miles in the first week, but with the motivation from the people around me, I’m able to complete each day with relative ease.

I had the opportunity to drive the water van yesterday, which is the van that sets up a water stop every 20 miles for the riders to fill up their water bottles, and have a snack before setting off on their next 20 miles.  I had a blast hanging out in the van with one of my teammates, and also got to rest my legs, something of which I was in desperate need!

I’ve also taken the time to dedicate my rides each day to some family and friends, including my Uncle Mark, Scott Hart, Nana Rainie, and a few others.  I have many more people that I will be dedicating days to, but please send my an email here: if you have someone in mind that I could dedicate part of/and entire day to this summer.

This first week has been brutal, but I want to thank everyone that has supported me with donations, prayers, and kind words over the past few months to keep me motivated with fundraising and training.  Though I chose not to bring my computer with me on the trip and this is only my first post, I’ll keep you all updated as often as possible!