Ride Across America. Fight Cancer.

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Join 30 other college-aged students riding their bicycles from coast to coast the summer of 2018 to raise funds and awareness for young adult cancer. Pick from 3 routes that venture 4,000+ miles across America over 70 days, June 3 – August 11, 2018.

We look for riders, ages 18-25, who have a connection to the cancer community, have experience being a part of a team, and have a desire to accomplish great things. The 4K for Cancer is the most unique life-changing experience available to young adults.

Please fill out the online application carefully and to the best of your ability. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

  1. Applicants selected for an interview will be contacted by a staff member from UCF.
  2. The interview process (over the phone) will take approximately 30 minutes.
  3. Applicants accepted onto the 4K will have to complete the registration process which includes filling out rider information forms and paying a $100 registration fee.
  4. We cannot guarantee your first route preference after November 1st.
  5. To start, click the “Start Your Adventure” button below on this page.

Logistics: Our riders will cycle anywhere from 50-120 miles per day, averaging about 75-80 miles per day. During the trip, each team will be provided with two support vehicles to carry gear and luggage. The driving responsibilities will be split between the team members daily.

Accommodations: The teams are hosted by churches, schools, gyms, YMCA’s, rotary clubs, etc. Members of the communities come together to provide a safe place for each team to sleep. The teams will occasionally camp when they pass through National Parks or more rural communities. Each team will be provided with tents for these occasions.

Meals: Participants get a majority of their meals donated during the summer. Hosts will usually provide breakfast and dinner. For lunch, participants will seek out food donations from restaurants and grocery stores in local communities. This process will be explained and practiced during orientation before departing for the summer.

Bicycles: Each rider will receive a bicycle from UCF for his or her ride. It is the rider’s responsibility to learn how to properly ride and maintain their bicycle. In the event a participant breaks or damages their bike while training or on the trip, they are responsible for the repairs – UCF will not replace or repair bikes before, during, or after the ride. In the event a participant withdraws from the program prior to reaching the minimum fundraising and prior to the start of the trip, he or she must return their bike.

Jerseys: Each rider will receive three cycling jerseys before they depart.

Gear: Each rider will also receive a branded t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, and duffle once they register.

Each rider is required to fundraise a minimum of $4,500 to help support our direct services for young adults impacted by cancer and their families. Riders are provided with fundraising resources, including an individual fundraising page on our website. Riders will also have access to Program Coordinators and alumni to help kickstart their fundraising.

On their journey, the riders will participate in Service & Education events to provide support to cancer patients, deliver scholarships to young adults, and learn more about cancer treatment.


  • Host a bone marrow transplant drive
  • Read UCF’s No Way guidebook
  • Review scholarship applications


  • Visit cancer centers and provide support to patient, families, & staff
  • Deliver chemo care bags to patients
  • Deliver UCF scholarships to young adults
  • Tour cancer centers and research facilities

The 4K program provides a unique opportunity for leadership development. All participants have an opportunity to apply for leadership positions on their team, including:

Directors: Two riders will be selected as the Ride Directors, they will be responsible for communicating directly with UCF staff throughout the summer, enforcing policies and procedures, and leading their team daily.

Leg Leaders: Six riders will be selected as Leg Leaders, they will be responsible for identifying and securing hosts for the team to stay at each night on the trip. Leg Leaders will also help secure meals and showers for their team.

Mechanic: One rider will be selected as the Mechanic, they will be responsible for fixing minor issues with the team bicycles and teaching their team basic bike maintenance skills.

Mission Coordinator: One rider will be selected as the Mission Coordinator, they will be responsible for on-road donations and managing the Service & Education events.

Media Coordinator: One rider will be selected as the Media Coordinator, they will be responsible for managing team social media accounts, encouraging press coverage, and documenting their trip through photo and video.

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Applications open for summer 2018!
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Hear It From Alumni

Before 4K, I thought I knew what it meant to be a cancer survivor but I was so wrong. 4K taught me what it means to live beyond my diagnosis and gave me a way to turn my experience as a survivor into something positive and an opportunity to help encourage others to do the same.

Sonja Wagner

Team Seattle 2015 & Team San Diego 2016

For me the 4K is a time to heal. A time for me to honor the loved ones that I have lost to cancer. It is also a time for me to slow down from my busy life and enjoy all the beauty that our country has to offer. It has been an adventure of a lifetime.

Zack Ross

Team Portland 2015

I went into the 4K expecting an incredible experience and left with a beautiful and supportive family that I can depend on forever, as well as a refreshed perspective on life. The amount of personal growth that came from pushing our boundaries every day is astonishing and the effects of the 4K are felt every single day since it has ended. I’m the best version of myself I’ve ever been and I owe everything to my teammates and the mountains we climbed together.

Jeremy Pope

Team Portland 2016

The 4K teaches lessons unable to be read in a textbook, carried out through an experiment or written in a paper. To take yourself out of your normal setting, be it class, work or the comfort of home, is the invaluable experience the 4K gives. It challenges you to dig deeper than you ever have before, listen, learn and rely on those that are different from you, and use the stories of those you meet along the way as inspiration to achieve a goal. If offers clarity about life that is incomparable to any other experience, causes you to think and act outside of your comfort zone and teaches that as a team you can, and will, change a world — even if it’s just a single person. The 4K has forever changed who I am today, from how I approach a challenge to how I commute to work in the mornings. I encourage anyone who longs to see the world and change it for the better to become part of this family.

Haley Coleman

Team San Diego 2014